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Do you want to have a good dog? That would be one that doesn’t bark, doesn’t bite, doesn’t chase bicycles, doesn’t dig holes in the garden, doesn’t eat the furniture, doesn’t jump up, ... , doesn’t do anything that you or society regards as unacceptable. Do you really want a dog that doesn’t do anything? Why not learn to tell the dog what you do want rather than all the things that you don’t?

Have you a bad dog, a problem dog? If you think you have a problem dog then stop and think - your dog has a problem person on the end of its lead - someone who is not sending the right signals to the dog, someone who is not telling the dog what is wanted.

This is where dog training classes come in - to train the person to train the dog!

    The City of Belfast Dog Training Club holds classes on Wednesday evenings in Braniel Community Centre, 69 Warren Grove, Braniel, Belfast, BT5 7PW. (Map)

The club offers dog training (obedience) classes for dogs (and their handlers), from puppies through to advanced competition dogs. Don’t wait until you have problems, bring your pup to the puppy class as soon as you can (after it has had its jabs.) If it’s no longer a pup, is over a year old, join the “bronze” class.

If you require further information simply come to the club and speak to us, or
    • Bronze class - phone Alex 028 9059 1911 (after
Up-to-date club news on the News page.
(Last update: 31st Mar 2014)