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About Us


We simply don't have room to deal with any more pups and people.  When numbers fall back (as present pups move on to the next class) we will reopen to new members.  

We don't maintain a waiting list  -  just watch this site and come along when the "full" message has been removed. (Remember to refresh your browser, in case it simply reloads a saved version of this page and you never get to see the update.)


The club's AGM will be held on 26th February at 8.30pm. All members are invited to attend.  The puppy class will be held as usual, but there will be no other classes that night.


Stop the persecution of animal daycare facilities in NI and demand Stormont intervention

The Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) have been visiting and forcing closure of animal daycare and boarding facilities across Northern Ireland. 

DAERA are of the view that the 1970s legislation must be enforced against ANY services where animals are kept. Dogs cannot be socialised or mixed with other animals AT ALL.  

Solitary confinement for dogs in daycare - no socialisation or play.

The first victim of this madness is Walkapaws at Ballyclare.


Have you a bad dog, a problem dog? If you think you have a problem dog at the end of your lead then stop and think - your dog has a problem person on the end of its lead - someone who is not sending the right signals to the dog, someone who is not communicating to the dog what is wanted.

This is where dog training classes come in - to help with the communication - to train the person to train the dog!

We hold classes on Wednesday evenings in Braniel Community Centre, Warren Grove, Belfast BT5 7JN. (There is a car park behind the centre, at the recycling point.)

Remember: pick up after your dog - bag it and bin it!


  • Puppy (7.30pm each week) 
  • Bronze (8.15pm each week) 
  • Other (9.15pm each week) ... Silver, Gold & Open

All dogs are expected to start in either the Puppy (7.30pm) or Bronze (8.15pm) class. 

The Other (9.15pm) class covers exercises for those pursuing the Kennel Club Silver and Gold Good Citizen awards, and for those with an interest in competition obedience.

The first week is free, a "taster."  

If it appears to do any good you can join on your next visit; if not, and you and your dog don't gain from the experience, then walk away and try elsewhere.

If you decide to join then membership requires an annual subscription fee (£15) and a weekly fee (£3) for classes attended. (Reduced fees are available for those aged under 16, or 65 or more: subscription and weekly fees are both halved.)

You will be given an application form to complete, but if you want to complete one in advance you can download one here: Membership Application Form

There is no need to sign up to a set number of classes, there is no distinct starting week, and booking-in is not necessary.  Just bring the dog along.

Which class should you join?
Suppose someone asks “how old is your dog?” If you give the age in weeks ( “it is 16 weeks” ) then the puppy class is definitely the one for you. However, if you’ve stopped counting weeks and started giving the age in months ( “it is 9 months”) then the bronze class may be more suitable. Over a year old, the bronze class is the one.

Don’t wait until you have problems, bring your pup to the puppy class as soon as you can (after it has had its jabs.) If it’s no longer a young pup, join the “bronze” class.


If you have any questions it is likely that they have been asked before and the answer is on the  Puppy or Bronze page.  Really. Browse.
Answer not there? Then ...
  • email Bill (puppies) on
  • phone Alex (older dogs) on 028 9059 1911 (after 6.00pm) 
  • or look us up on Facebook (but note there are 2 different sets, public and non-public; check both)